Q: Who in the 5th century B.C. is credited as the first man to figure out the cause of a Lunar Eclipse?

A: Anaxagoras

Q: In which year did the Council of Trent authorize Pope Paul III to reform the (Julian) Calendar?

A: In the year 1545

Q:   From which day did the present day calendar come into effect?

A: The present day calendar known as Gregorian calendar came into effect on Friday October 5, 1582 on the order of pope Gregory XX11

Q: The month of august was  formally known as what?

A:The month of august was formally known as ‘sextillis’

Sextillis is the latin word for sixth

Q: Who is the shortest reigning pope?

A: Urban VII is the shortest reigning pope. He reigned for 13 calender days from September 15 to September 27, 1950. He died before consecration.

Q: What is the duration of the longest Papal conclave?

A: The duration of the longest papal conclave spanned 2 years and 9 months. Making it 33 months altogether. The conclave lasted from 1268 to 1271.

Q: Who was the founder of the greatness of the Acheamenide and of the Persian Empire?

A: Cyprus the Great, king of Persia.

Q: Which ancient Greece and Macedonian Ruler was accredited as king Macedon, king of Asia and the Pharaoh of Egypt?

A: Alexander the Great, (356-323BC)

Q: Who was the first Emperor of the Roman Empire?

A: Augustus (Octavian) Caesar, grand nephew of Julius Caesar

Q: Who first Roman Empire to be converted into  Christianity?

A: Emperor Constantine I (the Great), son of constantinus I (306-337)

Q: who was the last Holy Roman Empire?

A: Emperor Francis II, was the last holy Roman Emperor between 1792 to 1806. He was also the first Roman Emperor of France, as Francis I between 1804 to 1835 and king of Bohemia and of Hungary from 1792 to 1835

Q: Who was the founder of the Republic of Madagascar?

A: Radama I was the founder of the Republic of Madagascar. Madagascar is a sovereign nation in the continent of Africa

Q: On October 1, 331 BC, Alexander the Great of Macedon defeated Darius III of Persia at the battle of Gaugamela. He was subsequently crowned as what?

A: He was crowned as the king of Asia

Q: Who discovered the planet of Uranus?

A: German –born British astronomer William Herschel. He discovered the planet on march 13, 1781 while in his home in Bath, England. Initially he thought it was a Comet.

Q: For what offence was the Archbishop of Canterburg Thomas Cranmer, one of the founders of Anglicanism burnt at stake?

A: Thomas Cranmers the Archbishop of Canterburg was burnt at stake for heracy on march 21, 1556 in Oxford England. He was executed during the reign of Mary Yudo as Queen of England.

Q: Who is the first pope of Canonize a saint?

A: On July 4, 993, Pope John XV Canonised Ulrich Augsburg as saint. Making him the first Pope of canonize a saint.

Q: In which year did San Mario the world’s oldest Constitutional Republic adopt a written constitution?

A: On October 8, 1600

Q: According to the calculation by Roman scholar Varo Reatinus, in which year was the city of Rome founded?

A: The city of Rome was founded in 753 BC. It was founded by Romulus and Remus

Q:Why was the first Council of Nicaea of May 20, 325 AD held?

A: it was to resolve the disagreements in the church of Alexandria over the nature of Jesus in the relation to God the Father. It was the first ecumerical council of the Christian church and was formally opened in present day Izrik in Turkey.

Q: The temple of Artemis in Ephesus, one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world was destroyed on July 21, 365 BC in an act of arson by a man named?

A: Herostratus

Q: According to traditional accounts, on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses unto the door of a church in Witterbery, Germany. What did this signify?

A: The beginning of the protestants reformation.

Q: When was the first Papal conclave held and who was the Pope to be elected through this process?

A: The first Papal conclave was held on the 11th day of August, 1492. In the process, Roderic Boja was elected Pope Alexander VI in Sistine chapel to succeed Pope Innocent VIII.

Q: who led the Methodist Movement?

A: John Wesley.

Q: In which year did the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilie demonstrate his first telecope known as terrestrial or spy glass refracting telescope?

A: On August 25, 1609

Q: Romalus Augustus, the last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire was deposed on which day?

A: September 4,476

Q: When was Cicero, one of Rome’s greatest orators and prose stylist assassinated?

A: On December 7,43 BC

Q: When was US president Abraham Lincoln killed?

A: On April 14, 1886. He was shot by Actor John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s theatre in Washington DC.

Q: Who was the first American president to occupy the white House (formally known as the Executive mansion)?

A: John Adams was the first American president to occupy the white House on November 1, 1800

Q: In which year did the European natios sign the first Geneva convention which established the international committee of the Red Cross?

A: August 22, 1864

Q: What do all satellites have in common?

A:     1. All of them have a source of power, usually solar cells and batteries for storage. New           designs includes the use of fuel cells.

         2. All of them have a metal or composite frame and body usually known as Bus. The bus       holds everything together in space and provides enough strength to survive the lunch.

        3. All of them have a radio system and antenna. At the very least, most satellite have a radio transmitter/receiver so that the ground control crew can request status information from the satellite and monitor its health. Many satellites can be controlled in various ways fron the ground to do anything, from changing from the orbit to reprogramming the computer system.

        4. All of them have an on board computer to control and monitor the different system.

        5. All of them have an attitude control system which keeps the satellite pointed in the right direction. Q: Name the different types of satellite orbits we ha

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