World Events, People and Places Vol. 1 (General Knowledge)

World Events, People and Places Vol. 1 (General Knowledge)

Here i will be considering most of the world events, people and places. The questions and answers given below can be found in most of the university’s exams. Enjoy the study and don’t forget to share with friends after reading. If you have a question or suggestions don’t fail to contact us.

Q: Name the different types of satellite orbits we have?

A: There are three basic kinds of orbits depending on the satellite’s position relative to earth surface. They include:

  1. Geostationary Orbit: They are orbits in which the satellite is always positioned over the same spot on Earth. That is why a DSTV disk is typically bolted in a fixed position. Many geostationary satellites are above a band along the equator with an attitude of about 22,223 miles. Television, communication and weather satellites all use geostation orbits.
  2. Asynchronous Orbit is a much lower orbit. Some satellites in asynchronous orbit average about 400 miles (644km) in attitude. The scheduled space shuttles use as much lower asynchronous orbit which means they pass over-head at different times of the day.
  3. Polar Orbit: in this very orbit, the satellite flies at low altitude and passes over the planet’s poles on each revolution. The polar orbit remains fixed in space as earth rotates inside the orbit. As a result, Earth has a whole passes under satellite in a polar orbit. Because polar orbits achieve excellent coverage of the planet, they are often ued for satellite that do mapping and photography.

Q: How can one predict a satellite orbit?

A: Satellite orbits can be predicted through special satellite software available for personal computers. The software uses keplerian data to forecast each orbit and shows when a satellite will be overhead.

Q: At what altitudes do satellites orbits?

A: Looking up the Earth, satellites are orbiting in various bands of altitude. It’s interesting to think of satellites in terms of how far or near they are from us. Proceeding roughly from the nearest to the farthest. Here are the types of satellites whizzing around the Earth;

  1. 80 to 1, 200 miles – Observation satellites falls into this category. It orbits at altitude from 300-600 miles (N480-970km) (they operate at the Asynchronous orbit)
  2. 3,000 to 6,000 miles – Science satellites are sometimes in altitude of 3,000 to 6,000 miles (4,800 to 9,700km). science satellites operate at the asynchronous orbits.
  3. 22,223 miles : Weather satellites orbits at 22,223 miles over the equator. Satellites images are received using radio receivers and special personal computer software. Many countries use weather satellites for their weather forecasting and storm observation.


Q: Where and when was the first ATM (Automated Teller Machine) used?

A: The World’s first ATM began operation on 27th June 1967 at Barclays Bank, Enfield in London.

Q: Who is the one and only person to win a Nobel Price and an Oscar award?

A: German Play writer George Benard Shaw is the only person to have won both Nobel Price and an Oscar award. He won an Oscar for best screen Play for Phymalion. He had already won the Nobel Price for literature in 1925.

Q: Who has the longest stay in jail?

A: Paul Gaidel, was sentenced for murder on 5th September 1911 at the age of 17. He was released on 7th May 1980 at the age of 85 having served 68 years, 245 days at the New York State Prison.

Q: Which country is known as the mother land of football?

A: England

Q: Which still existing state is the oldest  in the world?

A: China

Q: The Hindu most River believed to have the power to cleanse, purify and cure believers who         bath in it is called what?

A: The Ganges River

Q: In which year did the first Modern Olympic Games take place?

A: 1896

Q: Which country gave the status of Liberty to the United States of America as a gift?

A: France

Q: French Revolution resulted in the abolition of what?

A: Slavery

Q: What is the name of Japanese natives?

A: Maori

Q: What is the capital of South Africa?

A: Pectoria

Q: The Chinese claim to be the descendant of who?

A: The Yellow Emperor

Q: From where does the great “Amazon River” has it source?

A: Peru

Q: Which part of the world do “Hero” live?

A: South Africa

Q: In which country is the Blue Mosque?

A: Istanbul

Q: Which is the largest Island in the world?

A: Greenland

Q: From which direction does the sun rise?

A: The East

Q: The Earth is divided into how many time zones?

A: 15

Q: What is the circumference of the equator?

A: 40,000km

Q: Which famous TV personality owns a film production company called Harpo Films?

A: Oprah Winfrey

Q: Which explorer was the first man at the South Pole?

A: Roland Amundson

Q: Wealth of the Nation is authored by?

A: Adam Smith

Q: How long does the polar night last at the South Pole?

A: Approximately ½ of a year

Q: Who was the founding leader of the Muslim league?

A: Aga Khan III

Q: What famous sport goods company did Phil Knight and Bill Boweman launch in 1964?

A: Nike

Q: He appears in a series of books which made publishing history and he is most famous pupil of the “Hogwarts” witchcraft school. Who is this fictional character?

A: Harry Peter

Q: Who is the only Asian to be included in Sunday Times list of “The Wealthiest 200 in Britain since 1066”?

A: L.N. Mittal

Q: Lexus is a sport car owned by which Asian car manufacturer?

A: Toyota

Q: What biscuit in Mcvittie’s Range was originally developed by Sir Alexander Grant in the 1890’s?

A: Digestive

Q: What was the epoch-making book written in the 60’s by Rachel Carson, which awakened the world of the dangers of Environmental Pollution but incurred the warthe of industrial giants like Duport?

A: The silent spring

Q: How is glass manufactured?

A: Glass is manufactured by heating lime stone + Soda Ash + Silica up to 400o C

Q: An egg sinks in tap water but floats in a concentrated solution of salt because of water?

A: The density of salt solution exceeds the density of eggs.

Q: The pizza Hut is the world’s longest food chain. Which is the world’s longest restaurant company?

A: McDonalds

Q: Which is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?

A: Omega

Q: Where is Boeing-air planes constructed?

A: U.S.A.

Q: What major currency is known as “Green backs” in slang?

A: The US Dollars

Q: How many legs does a fly have?

A: 6

Q: How many bees live approximately in a bee hive?

A: 50,000

Q: What is the main components of fertilizer?

A: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (NKP)

Q: The striding man is the logo of which bestselling brand of Scottish Whisky?

A: Jonny Walker

Q: What is the expensive delicacy obtained from the fish sturgeon especially found in the Caspian sea?

A: Cavier

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