Q: Which was the first country to declare the slave trade an illegal trade?

A: Denmark in 1792

Q: Why and when was sierra Leone founded as a colony?

A: Sierra Leone was founded as a colony in 1787 as a refuge for liberated slaves.

Q: How old is the Universe?

A: The Universe is 13.2 billion years old.

Q: What is the Universe made up of?

A: The universe is made up of 4% atom (physical Universe). The remaining is made up of poorly understood subatances; 73% dark energy and 23% dark matter.

Q: Who was the month of “July” named after?

A: The month of July was named after Julius Caesar by the Roman senate in the year 46BC to honour him for reforming their calendar.

Q: The month of “August” was named after Emperor Augustus (Octavian) Caesar by the Roman Senate. What was the resolution that justified this?

A: The resolution of the Roman Senate was as follows: “whereas the Emperor Augustus Caesar, in the month of Sextillius … thrice entered the city in triumph … and in the same month Egypt was brought under the authority of the Roman people and in the same month an end was put to the civil wars; and whereas for these reasons and said month is and has been most fortunate to the empire, it is hereby decreed by the senate that the said month shall be called “Augustus” (August)”.+

Q: Why does the month of February have 28 days and 29 in a leap year?

A: When the Roman Senate named the month of August after August Caesar, it decided that since the month of July named after Julius Caesar had 31 days, Augustus month should equal it. So instead of August having a 30 days, as it were initially, it was lengthened to 31, preventing any one from claiming that Augustus Caesar was saddled with an inferior month. So, the extra day needed to inflate the importance of August was taken from February which equally had 30 in a leap year and 29 days in an ordinary year and was now reduced to 29 days in a leap year and 28 in ordinary year.

Q: Who is the longest Reigning Pope?

A: Pope Pius IX. He reigned for 31 years, 7 months and 23 days, putting his total number of days as Pope at 11,560 days. He reigned from 1846 to 1878.

Q: When was Martin Luther excommunicated from the Roman catholic Church?

A: Martin Luther was excommunicated on January 3, 1521 by Pope Leo X through the papal Bull “Decit Romanum Pontificem”

Q: Why was Martin Luther from the Roman Catholic hurch?

A: Martin Luther was excommunicated for refusing to retract  41 of his 95 Theses against the church.

Q: Who killed Julius Caesar, (the Dictator of the Rpman Republic)?

A: Marcus Julius Brutus,a former friend to Caesar, Along with several other Roman Senators stabbed Julius Caesar to death on March 15, 44BC. March 15 is known as the ides of March

Q: Who administered the first fully documented human blood transfusion?

A: French physician Jean-Baptiste Denys, gave the blood of a sheep to a 15 year old boy on June 15, 1667

Q: When did the slave Trade act which abolished the Slave Trade in the British Empire become a law?

A: March 25, 1807

Q: When did the construction of the current St. Peter’s Bacilica in Vatican city begin?

A:  The construction of the Bacilica began on April 18, 1506. The current St. Peter’s Basilica replaces the old St. Peters Bacilica built in the 4th century.

Q: Who discovered the planet Neptune?

A: Astronomers Urbain Le Verrier, Johann Goufried Galle and John Couch Adams discovered the planet on December 23, 1846.

Q:  Who was the first deaf blind person to graduate from college?

A: Helen Keller, an American author, activist and lecturer. He was born on June 27, 1880.

Q: During the slave trade period, slaves rescued at sea were taken to which country?

A: Sierra Leone

Q: Which planet was named after the Roman goddess of love?

A: The second planet in the solar system was named after the Roman goddess of love, “Venus”. This was so since the Planet was considered to be the brightest and most beautiful Planet in the Heavens. It is the brightest object in the sky after the sun and the moon.

Q: All except one plane was and not named after a god or goddess . which is the planet?

A: The Earth

Q: Who was planet Mars named after?

A: The roman god of war because the planet has red-like colour.

Q: Who in the 5th century B.C. is credited as the first man to figure out the cause of a Lunar Eclipse?

A: Anaxagoras

Q: In which year did the Council of Trent authorize Pope Paul III to reform the (Julian) Calendar?

A: In the year 1545

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