A.        RE INVEST YOUR PROFIT: Even as a small sum can turn into great wealth, Schroeder writes, if you are disciplined to not touch your profits let the compound interest work for you.

B.        BE WILLING TO BE DIFFERENT: Do not follow the multitude, be creative and do what is best for you and your situation.

C         NEVER PROCRASTINATE: You could learn from Buffet and makes decisions quickly base on the available information, you tend to sit and stew about things acting decisively can give you an advantage and prevent postponing it for some other day.

D.        SPELL OUT BEFORE YOU START: Stress this all the time, do not sign a contract unless you have read it (especially a mortgage). Read the fine print; understand what you are getting yourself into

E.         WATCH SMALL EXPENSES:  while its true that the by-things matter, the little things do too. Frugality is an important part of personal finances. But this principle also applies when investing.

F.         LIMIT WHAT YOU BORROW: Living on loans won’t make you rich, loan can get you into a home or a new car, but too much debt is one of the biggest drays on your financial well being.

G.        BE PERSISTENT:  If you know what you are doing is important and right, stick to it. Doggedly pursue you goals learn to fail forward.

H.        KNOW WHEN TO QUIT:  Be willing to cut your losses and walk away.

I.          ASSESS THE RISK:  Asking yourself and then what? Can help you see all of the possible consequences when your are struggling to make decision and can guide you to the smartest choice.

J.          KNOW WHAT SUCCESS REALLY MEANS:  Success is different for each of us. Find what it is that brings meaning to your life what makes each day important make this your focus. Guffet says, when you get to my age, you will measure your want.

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