A.        THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS: This is the most ancient of all the universal laws of wealth. Whilst it is the simplest of all the laws and has recurred time and time again throughout history, even to this day it remains a complete mystery to most people who by then very disobedient to this basic find themselves experiencing easily avoidable financial hardship.

B.        THE SECRET OF NATURE: The wealth citizens of the ancient world fully understood the almost magical power of what thousands of years later, Albert Einstein reputed said was “ the greatest invention in human history! It is the secret of making your gold multiply the secret of money working for you, the secret of a life time of wealth.

C.        THE SECRET OF CONTENTION: Sadly you will probably never be rich just by using your own money. This secret of wealth, developed in 17th Century Europe will show you how to explode your wealth. Making money is just a by-product of one simple thing, poor people do not understand it, rich people do. Most people think that to become wealthy you need to earn a big salary, this is wrong. There is something much more important. When tackling personal debt learn which debts to pay first and which to pay off last.

D.        THE SECRET OF POSSIBILITY: This is often called “luck” or “blessed” by those who were blind to this secret, they became, and are still becoming some of the wealthiest people in the world.

E.        THE SECRET OF BALANCE: We live in the most affluent time in all of history; technology at our finger tips; communication at a speed previously unimagined, opportunity at the click of a mouse. Becoming wealthy or staying broke must surely be a choice we make either consciously or sub-consciously. Why you should not create a budget, instead create a spending plan.

F.         THE SECRET OF PEACE: Most people earn their living by swapping their irreplaceable time for money, some working 9 to 5 for an employer; other self employed but burning the candle at both ends. Most people are breaking secret (1) this secret is so counter intuitive that it goes against basic human psychology, yet it is the most powerful secret of all. Without peace no meaningful Development can take place in a country, it also affect the personal contribution of individuals becoming wealthy is not a matter of luck, fate or circumstance but a direct consequence of making some small but important changes in your life.

Are you ready to take the first step on your personal journey to wealth, happiness and peace of mind? Yes? Good. Then the first thing to realize is that wealth is a multifaceted thing. There’s not just one secret to becoming wealth-it’s about making small but important decision in 7 key area as of your life as discussed above.

Even with the recent economic downturn, we live in the most affluent time in all of history with more opportunity to earn money and achieve financial independence than there has ever been before.

If we look at any list of the richest people in the world and the distinguishing characteristics is the mindset, the way they think about money. Having the right mindset is the foundation of which to build your wealth strategies.

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