Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob and the fist son of Rachael, was not reasoning as his father or his mother where reasoning. He was not as wild his brothers who thought that stubbornness, trouble making and dubious lives were shortcuts to wealth and profusion. Joseph was a man of quiet and gentle spirit, humble and respecter of the God of heaven. He thought of God first and God recognized him as his beloved son. He believed God to be the maker of heavens and earth because he was acquainted with the account of creation. He knew that if Adam and eve had believed God,  and avoided the forbidden fruit; they would have reaped the reward of righteousness. He knew that Cain received the due reward of killing his brother; Abel, and he was not ready to take hold of someone’s blood into his hands. He knew very well that if Cain and lamech did not live murderous lives, God would not have cursed them. He knew so well that if the people or Noah’s time were obedient to God, then he would not have rewarded them with the same cup of their wickedness by buying all of them under the earth by the great flood. He vowed to do the right before God and man.

Joseph was not ignorant of the reckless attitudes of thee shechemites and that of the Canaanites. He saw how people were subjected to hard labour and how slave were punished as if they were not created by God. He saw bloodshed and idolatries all over the environs, but he decided to believe that such lives or attitudes were not the plans of God for man. He believed that if Adam and eve were not sent out of the garden of eden, if God could destroy the world with flood, if God could burned Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes; then, God will not spare the wicked, and anyone who does evil must reap the fruits of his wickedness in no distant time. He knew very well that God who created man in his image, created or influence overall things. He refused to believe that God was a liar as the serpent or the devil would say. He understood that his conditions, his poor household and that of the entire world then came as a result of their sins but not the plans of God for them as recorded in Jeremiah 29:11

He had earlier learnt the story of Abraham and how God called him out and blessed him with all goodness. He knew how Abraham was faithful unto God even to the point of sacrificing Isaac for God. He knew that God was keeping Isaac alive for purpose and the lamb that Abraham used for the sacrifice in the place of Isaac was not just an ordinary lamb, but a type of the Lamb of God. Joseph believed in his heart that if God could do such miracle by providing a lamb in the place of Isaac; then he can change anything that was deformed by sin into a new creature.

He believed that if he would walk with this awesome God as Enoch; then God may also take him alive. He believed that if God could call his great grandfather out  his father’s land and blessed him,  then that same God could also bless him beyond ordinary measure, he understood that if God could see Noah as the only righteous man on earth and delivered him from the destruction of the flood, then that same God could also deliver him from the troubles of this life. Joseph knew that Sarah’s womb was under a curse of sin till her old age, and if such old woman could bear a living child at a very old age (90 years) according to the world, then God can turn around his wretched life and make him prosperous even in a strange land.

Joseph was God fearing and a respecter of mankind. He loved his father and his mother. He loved everyone and even his wicked brothers. Joseph lived like the messiah in his time; revealing the sinful attitude of his brothers to his father and at the same time pleading for forgiveness on their behalf with love and with every atom of sincerity. Had it been it was possible, Joseph would have changed their reckless attitudes for good.

Joseph learnt how to pray from his father and he was a faithful worshiper of Yahweh in the midst of the Canaanites. He knew quite well that the wretched lifestyle of his household would turnover at the appointed time as long as they continued to serve the lord with every amount of seriousness. May be God can use him to turn things around. He was sure that God who sees the heart can use anyone as his instruction irrespective of the height and the position of birth.

This is the quality of life that is necessary in this present life and the life to come. It is an attitude of God. It is the best investment that has greater returns. God is ready to walk with anyone who follows the path of righteousness. God is ready to bless any soul that hates sin as excreta. God is ready to favour those who are truthful in every business of life as Joseph.

Joseph became a missionary in his father’s house and neighborhood. He invested all that he had for the service of God and for humanity. He did not hold back anything because he knew that God is the owner of everything in heaven and the earth. He believed that God had prepared for him to be the Best but this is real investment!

God opened his eyes and he was able to see his star being worshiped by the sun (his father), the moon (his mother) and the stars of his brothers. He saw his sheaves being worshiped by the sheaves of his brothers. These dreams were a bundle of assurance for God’s favour upon him. These dreams were an open door to him to believe that all that he had invested had been recorded and accepted by the God of heaven who sees the work of men done here on earth. These dreams were bundles of hope to him that all he had invested were in the custody of the great stock broker; the creator of the universe.

Joseph did not fail to disclose the two dreams to his household accordingly, because he loved them and cherished them. He thought that the parent and the brothers of his bosom would praise God for his divine favour, but he found out depression and criticism in the countenances of his people. He began to see murmuring, rebuke and commotion as an outcome. His father was not pleased and his brothers were very angry and wild at him they said: how could a kid, the last born, a no body and a fool be worshiped by the smartest, wisest and giants? They echoed it out to his hearing. But does it mean that God does not have the power to make a fool to become wise and a no body to become somebody? Our God has every right to do just that! It is not anybody’s business. God sees the heart of every investor as Jesus saw the heart of that poor widow who donated all that she had. Mark 12:41-44.

My friend, our God has every right and power to raise you to a place of honor no matter how foolish you might be in the eyes of your family members, your neighbors, your church members, your colleagues in schools, and in your place of work. Who can question God on your behalf? None! Not even the devil. Nobody told God to create you and  not even the demons of this world, will question God about the grace he has shown to you. God knows your heart and he knows your very best. He has seen what you have invested: I mean the attitudes you have displayed before God and man, then he must surely reward you according to your investments.

Your position in your family, church and in your place of work does not matter. Your level in school or the field of your studies can never be the only criterion for your good success. God forbid! Your complexion and your stammering tongue cannot stop God from taking you to the highest level of success.

“Behold, the eyes of the lord is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his mercy, to deliver their souls from death and to keep them alive in famine”. Psalm 33: 18-19. “the eyes of the lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their cry. The face of the lord is against those who do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth. The righteous cry out, and the lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles” psalm 34: 16-17. “the eyes of the lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good”. Proverbs 15:3/

God raised Joseph to a place of honor; the brothers knew it and this was the cause of their hatred toward him. To worsen the whole situation, God decided to use the wicked brothers in order to fulfill his desire to his faithful friend. God made it that, as the brothers would come to know the truth in the light, they will be filled with shame and guilt of heart. The same God who gave the two dreams to Joseph was perfect and faithful to take him to the realities of his dreams, he who had planned the future for the faithful Joseph was the same who presented the summary of his favour in the form of dreams.

For God to uplift Joseph was not to cause any harm or injury. For God to bless Joseph was not to cause nay depression or hatred; after all, God had chosen him; their brother to be lifted up among them. They should have known that if God will fulfill his will upon the life of Joseph, then they two would take part in the blessing because in the dreams shown, all if they were included. But just because it was Joseph, they were not comfortable with that. Each of them expected it to be himself. But this is pride! This is the work of the devil. He who gives all deserves all and he who invests all reaps all. “Whoever sows sparingly will reap sparingly and whoever sows generously will reap generously. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” 2 Corinthians 9:6-7.

Joseph invested generously, he invested all and he sacrificed all even his life as a ransom to God, his household and to his neighborhood. He was sure of generous harvest. His father, his mother and even the brothers invested sparingly and for sure, they reaped sparingly. No partiality. How can God of all creations; a perfect God, choose to exchange the reward of the last with the first? How can God exchange the reward of so called “fool” with that of the so called “wise”? Then he must have been a partial God. This would be injustice just as the sin of witchcraft. But our God is not like the Dagon of the philistine. He is not like the men of these days or like blind and dubious ATM (Automated teller machine) that he should send error or withhold the rewards. Our God is not liKE the impotent scientists of these days. God rewards everyman according to his investment (good or evil). Joseph knew the secret but the brothers knew not. AUTHOR;PASTOR EDARA UMOETTE

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