Investment or Wealth Is Like a Plant



Investment is like a seed it germinates, and grows .wealth is not a day job; it takes time. You can compare it with a seed planted after some time, it germinates, grows, has branches and produces fruits which may be sold or replanted. That is why you must start something today not tomorrow [procrastination].the time for investment or wealth cannot wait for anybody, including you .there is no investment that is too small; no capital is too small for you to start an investment. Many people glamour of not having enough capital, while some keep on postponing their investment till the idea dies off, then they would point accusing fingers at people.

Plant your wealth today, so that you will not blame anybody tomorrow. In wealth creation, you are the only person that can hinder your development or growth, no other person in the world should intrude. This was why God made you in a unique nature and he also made you in his image, so as an image of God, you have the audacity to do anything because of the power that he vested in you.

POINT TO NOTE; Henry ford of ford motors, deleted the word impossibility from his dictionary, some years ago. You can delete impossibility from your mind today. Do not postpone it, tomorrow may be too late .make a move to save your generation and the world.

Study the wealthy people critically and you will be amaze to know that most of them started very early and with time they diversified and started involving in other form of investment or conglomerates’. With this illustration, you have seen that so many of them did not have much at initial stage

One funny thing about life is that, there is time for sowing and a time for ripping; there is a time you will look for money and there is also time money will be looking for you, which option do you want? It does not depend on your option but it depends on your seed.

Do not misinterpret the word ‘seed’ according to this context, seed is an investment either good or bad.  

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