since the initiation of lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun state on 30th march 2020,the pandemic called ‘corona virus’ has been on the increase from about 10 cases of infected persons to 343 as at 14, April 2020. the second lockdown has just begun till 27 April, 2020.until now palliative measures that the citizens have been hearing are still pending, aldo that is not my point of contention.

the major point of this article is about the solution or cure to this pandemic. science,technology etc wont be able to curtail this virus. what we need to do is to be closer to Almighty God that created heaven and earth,who knows everything about mankind.

politicizing everything including death is a very bad omen in this scheme of things

permit me to use this platform to educate u,that we have HEAVEN and HELL, what determine your eternity is what you do today. the choice is yours.

finally,the world has come to an end but u stilll; have a chance to repent today.

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Kufre Inim
Author: Kufre Inim

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