Q: The Biggest Mountains in the world is known as?

A: The Himalayas

Q: In which city is the headquarters of the African Union Located?

A: Addis Abada, Ethiopia

Q: Yoghurt was initially produced from where?

A:  Turkey

Q: Who gave back Hong Kong in1997 to china after 99 years in power?

A: Great Britain

Q: Sierra Leone was always in the news for the bloody civil war which was raging there. Otherwise it was known for its highly lucrative export in which Mineral?

A: Diamonds

Q: The longest living animal is?

A: Turtle

Q: Which bridge has the longest span in the world?

A: Akashi-kaikyo Bridge

Q: Who was the chosen as the Business man of the century by Fortune Magazine?

A: Henry Ford

Q: What expensive and legendary brand of cars is supposedly named after the founder of Dertroit. The car manufacturing capital of the world?

A: Cadillac

Q: Who is the first person in Africa to become the secretary – General of the United Nations?

A: Dr. Boutros Ghali, from Egypt

Q: Hans Wilstorf, a German who set up his business in Switzerland and later became the founder of which famous brand of watches?

A: Rolex

Q:Which is the oldest Company listed in the world street?

A: Bank of New York

Q: Which form of intellectual property can provide the longest protection?

A: Trade mark

Q: Which among of the following is the hardest metal among Gold, Iron, Platinum, Tungsten?

A: Tungsten

Q: Convulsion in infants is caused due to the deficiency of what vitamin?

A: Pyridoxine, a type of vitamin B

Q: Which U.S President was a former actor?

A: Roland W. Reagan

Q: ‘.com’ in all websites stands for?

A: Commercial

Q: What colour is the blood of an octopus?

A: Blue

Q: Which part of the human body sends pain signals to the brain?

A: Nerves

Q: Which animal learns how to speak?

A: Parrot

Q: Which vegetable is considered a good source of vitamin A?

A: Carrot

Q: Which Dutch brewery is ranked as the highest producer of Beer  Europe?

A: Heineken

Q: Which is the biggest petroleum company in the world?

A: Shell

Q: Nazomi 503, is the fastest of its kind in the world. What is it?

A: A Train

Q:The first sub-way was started in which city?

A: London

Q: Which metal is heavier, silver or Gold?

A: Gold

Q: After which famous person was the Teddy Bear named?

A: Theodore Roosevelt

Q: Which is the country where reggae music originated?

A: Jamaica

Q: What is the largest mammal in the world?

A: BlueWhale

Q: What is the meaning of this Latin phrase: “vox populi, vox Dei”?

A: The voice of the people is the voice of God

Q: When was the toothbrush invented?

A: 1498


Q: Which was the first kingdom to use money system in trading in West Africa?

A: The Calabar kingdom

Q: What was the name of the ancient money of the calabar kingdom?

A: It was called “okpoho”. It was later to be known as Manillas.

Q: During the pre-colonial era, what were the principal commodities of legitimate trade between Nigeria and Europe?

A: Parm oil and kernel. They were used in Europe to make soap and as lubricants for machinery. 

Q: In 1794, the African Association commissioned Mungo Park to undertake what task?

A: Mungo Park was commissioned to search for the headwaters of the Niger and follow the river down the stream

Q: Who was Samuel Adjai Crowther?

A: He was the first Anglican Bishop of Niger. He was a liberated Yoruba slave who was educated in Sierra Leone and in Britain

Q:  Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was installed as Governor-General of the federation in October 1st, 1960 and Tafawa Belewa sworn in as the prime minister and head of Government, what was the role of the Governor-General?

A: The Governor- General was the representative of the British Monarch as head of state. He was vested with the responsibility of appointing the Prime minister and for choosing a candidate from among contending leaders when there was no parliamentary majority. Otherwise, the Governor-0General’s office was essentially ceremonial

Q: The “instrument of independence” which was handed down to Nigeria through the Queen’s representative on October 1st 1960 independence day is known as?

A: The Freedom Chapter

Q: Who led Nigeria’s first Military coup d’etat?

A: Major Chukuma Kaduna Nzeogwu

Q: When did Lt Col Emeka Ojukwu declare the independence of the Eastern Region of Nigeria as the Republic of Biafra?

A: May 29, 1969

Q: Why was a plebiscite conducted in Nigeria in February 1961?

A: A plebiscite was conducted to determine the disposition of the southern Cameroons and the Northern Cameroons which were administered by Britain as United Nations Trust Territories. southern Cameroon while Northern Cameroon chose to remain in Nigeria

Q: Who moved the motion for Nigeria’s Independence in 1953?

A: Anthony Enahoro

Q: Nigeria shares land borders with how many countries in the East?

A: Chad and Cameroon

Q: The coast of Nigeria Lies on where?

A: The Gulf of Guinea, which is part of the Atlantic ocean in the south.

Q: Archaeological evidence has shown that human habitation in Nigeria dated back to which year?

A: 900 BC

Q: Who is the ancestor of Yoruba kings?

A: Oduduwa

Q: which was the oldest kingdom in Nigeria?

A: the Igbo kingdom of Nri. It emerged in 900 AD and lasted for over a thousand years

Q: the state council of the old empire was called?

A: the Oyo Mesi

Q: Who was the first premier of the former Eastern Region of Nigeria?

A: Professor Eyo Ita

Q: Why was the British Royal Navy Stationed at the Spanish Colony of Fernado Po from 1827 until 1844?

A: It was to serve a preventive squadron to blockade the Nigerian/West African Coast against Slave trade transaction.

Q: Who discovered that the river Niger flowed into the delta ( in the present day Niger Delta region).

A: T he Lander brothers: Richard Lander and John Lander

Q: The Royal Niger company formerly known as the United African company was founded by who?

A: George Goldie in 1879

Q: In which year did Lord Lugard form the “ Nigerian Council”?

A: The Nigerian council was founded in 1916. It was a consultative body that brought together six traditional leaders including the sultan of sokoto, Emire of Kano and the king of Oyo

Q: Which colonial governor recommended the transfer of Nigeria’s Capital from Lagos to Kaduna?

A: Fredrick Lugard. (His recommendation was not considered)

Q: When did Nigeria proclaim herself a republic?

A: October 1, 1963

Q: Who was the first speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives?

A: Jaja Wachuku

Q:  In which year was the Nigeria Regiment of the Royal West African Forces (RWAFF) renamedasthe Nigeria Military Forces?

A: 1956

Q: In which year did Nigerian government first recruit cadets for pilot training?

A: 1962

Q: What is the total area of Nigeria?

A: 923,768 km2

Q: Name the six largest cities in Nigeria?

A: Ibadan, Kano, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kaduna and Benin

Q: Who won the miss Nigeria beauty reagent of 1959?

A: Miss Nene Etule

Q: Who is HRM Okunade Adele Sizuwade Olubuse II?

A: He is the Oni of Ife, coronated on November 3rd 1980 [ AUTHOR EKOM ESHIET]

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