Q: Which European city has water channels instead of streets?

A: Venice

Q: In which country do men wear skirts as their national costumes?

A: united kingdom

Q: one barrel of oil contains how many litres?

A: 159

Q:How many autonomous regions makeup the Great Britain?

A: four autonomous regions make Great    Britain. They are;

     England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Q: Which year did man first step on the moon?

A: 1969

Q: In which city is the United Nations Headquarters instituted?

A: New York City

Q: the covering of the moon by the umbra is called?

A: Luna Eclipse

Q: what is the radius of the earth?

A: 6,300km

Q: what is the name of the US presidential villa and where is it located?

A: the White House. It is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

Q: What useful, and innovative computer accessory did Douglas Engelbert  invent in 1968?

A: The mouse

Q: in which country of the world is Mount Kilimanjaro located?

A: Tanzania

Q: which is the longest River in the world?

A: River Nile

Q: which is the main celestial body of our planetary system?

A: The Sun

Q: Which “wireless” technology, which has almost become a buzz word is named after an ancient Viking Chief?

A: Bluetooth

Q: how long is a nautical mile?

A: 1852m

Q: in which country are policemen called “bobbies”?

A: Great Britain

Q: which film has won up to 11 Oscars awards more than “Titanic”?

A: Ben Hur

Q: the speaker of the house can ask a member of the House to stop speaking and let another member speak. This phenomenon is known as?

A: Yielding the floor

Q:By what is the Bermuda Triangle known worldwide?

A: Disappeared ships BY EKOM ESHIET

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