The ultimate aim of life is freedom life seeks more or itself. We all desire to live more which is freedom. All wealth and power is for the purpose of having more freedom. Those who realize this simple truth are the ones who attain wealth and power in a way that makes them truly happy and fulfilled. In the pursuit of wealth and power, the aim is to create more freedom, not less. Wealth, power and freedom are one when one becomes less free, their wealth and power are actually lessened in true measure.

The freedom we seek is the freedom to do whatever we want and have whatever we want. The more we can do what we want to have what we want, the more freedom we have. This is how much freedom you have in your life. Many people think they are quite free, but they are not really free. They are trapped in systems that prevent them from doing what they want and having what they want. They are trapped by their own fears of going beyond the system because the system offers safety.


All of us want to create wealth. Also it does not require any great efforts and skills to create wealth we just need to develop right habits.We all know that if we want to reach somewhere fast we need to start early. Similarly if we want to create wealth faster in our lives so that we can enjoy it while we are young. Warren Buffet made his first investment when he was 11 years old and according to him he started late. He made his millions at about 30 years.

Unfortunately most of us procrastinate our wealth creation. Initially when we start our career and earn our first income, we have to buy the whole world from it. Soon we get married; we buy land or house and have our family, expenses keep adding up. Our income increase but so does our expenses. These are testing time for wealth creation. If we wait for next year, next increment, next bonus, next incentive to start saving it will never happen. The only thing that will happen is delay in wealth creation.


Mr. Ubong decide to set aside N200 per day for 5 years, he will be having N336000. If you can reinvest the 336000 for atleast 2 years, your worth will be above a million (millionaire)

Note: It is not your salary that makes you rich, its your spending habit.

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