When last did you make transaction? When was the last time you went to market to buy something? You succeeded buying a bag of rice, and paid the money, and took the rice back home, nobody arrested you, you and your children ate from it. 

  • In every transaction you, you are to pay and collect that which you have paid for.
  • What makes life better somehow is the ability to get what you want and you pay for it immediately.
  •  What is transaction? Transaction is an exchange of goods and services. It is a term of the labour market that exists between the buyer and the seller to exchange their goods and services for their interest.
  • It is an act of buying and selling (exchange) to meet the purpose of demands and supply. Transaction can also be considered as an agreement between two or more people for their interest.
  • Transaction is the core pillar of every business in this present world. It is the strength to sustainable development. Every family depends upon transaction.  One must transact to survive. No man can comfortably become so successfully without proper transaction or without buying and selling or without giving or receiving.
  • In every transaction, there is an exchange of goods and services. Successful living is a product of transaction. You give to receive and vice versa.
  • There are things that necessitate transaction
  1. There is always an original owner (seller). In every transaction,the original ownership is very important in every transaction. Everyman was born with the right to own something. There is always a possessor of something. There are some things one have control over which you have right to give out in order to receive something. You are the owner of your life and your surroundings.
  • There is always a buyer.

No transaction can be very successful without the second or the third party. No proper transaction that could be made in isolation. Somebody must have interest in what you have. There are beings all around us that have interest in that which you have. There is someone who intends to buy in order to possess, destroy or kill that which you have. Somebody is interested in that which you have.

  • There must be a product for Transaction

In every transaction, there always something to sell, something that is available for one to buy. Every gift: tangible and intangible, every day and night, every opportunity, every privilege and right of birth, every word spoken, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and positions occupied in the society and church are products of transaction.  Every talent is a product of exchange.

  • There must be a need or want to be met

Needs arise as the day and night go by. Every moment is a call to sell or buy out that which one has for the exchange of something, decision comes on daily bases to buy or to sell a product. Buying and selling will always continue as long life continues. There is great need to be met in the family, society and the church. The essence of transaction is to meet a need, therefore transaction may not be ideal transaction if need is not met either at the present or in the nearest future. Somebody is in need of something, somebody has interest in whatever you have, that is the reason for transaction.

  • There must be a decision to make exchange

Every decision taken in life is a decision to sell out or buy; to give out or receive something. One can take a decision to sell out a whole generation. One can also take a decision to buy a whole generation. One’s decision is a transaction. Every action and reaction is a transaction.

  • There are principles that guide every transaction.

There are principles that guide transaction. Every do or don’t are principles of transaction. No transaction can be operated on a lawless ground. There is a principle of ownership, there is a principle that guides the product, there is a principle of need, and there is a principle that guides every decision taken in the course of transaction.

  • The right of ownership expires as soon as transaction takes place.

Whatever it is, no matter how costly it may be, the right of ownership expires as soon as soon as transaction is made. This means that there are things that one may not be able to retrieve as soon as the transaction has been made. There are things you may be able to retrieve as soon as transaction is taken depending on the nature and kinds of transactions.

  • The buyer has power over what he has transacted for

Whatever you have been able to pay for or buy or give for something, you have the right over that thing.That which you have been able to buy is under you and you are above that which you have bought. Nothing that you have bought in life that can have power over you.

  • The seller does not have power over what he has sold.

 Whatever you have sold out for something is no longer under your full control or authority. The benefits and the entitlement of that which you have sold out do not belong to you but to him who has bought it from your hands. Whatever you have sold out can only be redeemed with a huge amount bigger than what you paid initially; and until you pay to redeem it cannot become yours. The only way to retrieved that which one wrongly paid for or sold, is to redeem, which can only be done occasionally not as a right.

  1. Transaction is the sole of every business. Successes in life are dependent upon how you are able to transact accurately without bridging the principles of transaction. Many are successful because of transaction. A lot of development is done by transaction.  Transaction is give and take business. You give what you have and receive what you want.
  1. Not all transactions are right transaction.
  2. Not all transaction that are favourable, not all transaction that brings good to the buyer and the seller. Not all transactions that keeps the family in order. Not all transactions that comes with the rest of mind.
  • Today there are many in prison, because of transaction, many are in the mortuary because of transaction, many cases in the law court are as the result of transaction. Many homes have been sold out as a result of transactions.  Many today have eaten what they suppose not to eat because of transaction.
  • Every transaction that does not follow the principles of the market is not a good transaction, it is a bad market. Every transaction that tends to profit only one person is an evil transaction. There is evil in the evil transaction, if your involve yourself in evil  transaction, what will happen to you, you will not like it.BY EDARA
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